Folklorico Legacy Foundation

casa de musica

musical expression through Cultural promotion

Folklorico Legacy Foundation's mission is to provide an avenue for students to explore their musical talents and creativity through the art of mariachi.

We offer music lessons on guitar, vihuela, guitarron, violin, trumpet and voice.  Students will learn the fundamentals of their instrument as well as familiarize themselves with musical terms, instrumental technique and effective practice habits.  Students will be placed in classes by level and instrument (beginner violin, beginner guitarron, beginner vihuela, beginner guitar and beginner trumpet).  As the students advance on their instrument they will be placed into a full ensemble rehearsal setting (Intermediate Mariachi, Advance Mariachi).  If a student wishes to take private lessons with one of our instructors they will have access to those services as well.

We take great pride in teaching our youth the music of our heritage while exposing them to an environment where communication, teamwork, self-discipline, accountability, leadership and passion are what drives our programs. We make learning fun and easy!

From private lessons to weekly classes, Folklorico Legacy Foundation will bring the love of music into your life or child's life and keep the tradition alive.  Folklorico Legacy Foundation also provides music classes and private lessons to adults interested in learning an instrument.