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Mariachi is undoubtedly a large part of Mexican cultural life. Its history, origins, and growth have given Mariachi a beloved reputation with almost all Mexican people. The distinct sounds and sights of Mariachi are so distinctive that people all over the world can distinguish this type of music. Specific instruments, such as the guitarron and vihuela, that are particular to Mariachi alone, helps give this style of music its uniqueness. Although Mariachi styles can vary throughout Mexico, past stars have helped Mariachi become a national phenomenon. An explosion in popularity in the last seventy-five years has helped propel Mariachi into being a significant cultural aspect of Mexico.

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one of the most treasured parts of Mexican culture is its music, especially Mariachi music.

Passing on the tradition of mariachi music to the young and the young at heart is what Folklorico Legacy Foundation aims for through its many workshops, concerts and more.

"The Sound that Speaks to Your Emotions"

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